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What Makes Foundation for Peace Unique?

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“I didn’t just write a check and hope it was spent well. I followed my donations to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to work on FFP projects. I have worked hand in hand with the people we’re serving, and I can say that what Foundation for Peace is accomplishing is truly remarkable.”    —Five-time FFP mission trip participant

We believe the greatest transformations happen when we do God’s work together—hand in hand.  Our projects are done through short-term mission teams supported by permanent in-country staff, and focus on four main areas: body, mind, spirit and community. As a result FFP mission teams build medical clinics and water purification facilities to improve health of the body. We build schools to increase knowledge and create economic opportunities. We build churches for spiritual growth. And we provide community outreach programs to build better places to live.

Seven Principles that Make FFP Unique

  1. We focus on building relationships that endure and grow.

    Mission team members work hand in hand with the local community as they build, educate, offer medical care, worship and minister together. Teams typically return to the same community year after year developing deep, long-lasting relationships.

  1. We build and strengthen minds, bodies, spirits and communities.

    Our long-term projects build schools, medical clinics, water purification facilities and churches—four essential components needed for healthy communities.

  1. We welcome people of all ages to participate.

    We believe amazing things happen when grandparents, teenagers, parents and children serve alongside each other.

  1. We partner with in-country churches and community leaders.

    Together we prioritize the community’s greatest needs, then we develop long-term plans to meet those needs.

  1. We don’t “own” projects.

    While we make long-term commitments to our partner communities and churches, we want them to be able to sustain these projects on their own.

  1. About 98% of the money we raise goes directly to our projects.

    Our donors can be confident that their financial support makes an immediate and lasting impact.

  1. We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything!

    This philosophy has led to some of our most creative solutions, and has allowed us to say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs.