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We believe the greatest transformations happen when we work together—hand in hand with local communities on their prioritized projects. We have multi-faceted trips that are designed to address several previously identified community needs.

We welcome youth groups and multi-generational teams. We tailor each trip to meet the ministry goals and skills of the team members to provide an opportunity all those who sincerely want to serve others. Our trips are family friendly. We do not have age limits for team members.  All have something to offer.

Our full-time dedicated FFP staff will make sure you have safe food, comfortable mission-style lodging, ample purified water, experienced in-country transportation, qualified translators and capable security. They prepare with the local church leaders before your arrival so that schedules for worship, vacation bible school and other activities are prepared in advance and material are bought and prepared.

Common Mission Team Activities by Trip Type Christian Mission Trips Social Service Mission Trips
Community construction projects (e.g. latrines, schools, community centers)YesYes
Church construction project (e.g. sanctuary, school)YesOptional
Community medical care (e.g. one-day medical clinic, health education)OptionalOptional
Sports and games in community (e.g. baseball, soccer, kickball, drop the handkerchief)OptionalOptional
Evening programs (daily reflection or devotion time)YesYes
Worship in local churchYesOptional
Vacation Bible school programsYesN/A
Activities for children (e.g. arts and crafts, teaching English)OptionalYes
Recreation day (e.g. Beach day, historical tour, shopping)OptionalOptional
End of trip resort stayOptionalOptional

NOTE:  The number of activities chosen from the list will depend on the length of the trip.  The in-country costs may vary depending on the activities included in the trip and the size of the team.

NA = Not applicable

What does a mission trip cost?

We offer trips of different lengths (7 days or more including the day of arrival and departure) to help teams meet their educational and ministry goals and address any travel limitations.

The in-country fees of the typical construction trip varies by country and number of days in-country (including day of arrival and day of departure)
Dominican Republic Haiti Kenya
10-day trip$1,300$1,400$1,950 for 12 days, only option
9-day trip$1,225$1,325$1,950 for 12 days, only option
8-day trip$1,150$1,250$1,950 for 12 days, only option
7-day trip$1,075$1,175$1,950 for 12 days, only option
AirfareNot includedNot includedNot included
Optional at end of trip for extra chargeBeach resortBeach resortSafari

NOTE: Please contact us regarding fees for trips longer than 10 days (DR or Haiti) or 12 days for Kenya

Cancellation policy:

  • There is a non-refundable $250 per person deposit ($500 for Kenya).
  • For cancellations >60 days before trip, FFP will refund donations above the non-refundable deposit.
  • For cancellations within 2 weeks of the trip, refunds of donations, not including the non-refundable deposit will depend what has already been spent on trip materials, etc.  Most likely all of the funds will have been spent.

What does a mission trip look like?

Mission trips typically consist of 12-25 people, ages 5 to 65+. Groups stay at accommodations near the community where they’ll serve. Trip fees cover lodging, food, purified water, in-country transportation, translators, full-time FFP staff, pre-trip planning and post-trip follow-up, security and construction supplies.

We have found that trusting God that you have something to offer others and serving together will bless you, lead to very meaningful and productive trips.  

Experience God in ways you have not  imagine . . . and change your own life forever.