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Short-Term Mission Trips


We believe the greatest transformations happen when we do God’s work together—hand in hand. Therefore, our teams work hand in hand with local people to build schools, medical clinics, water purification facilities, churches and more.


In addition to construction, our mission teams serve the local communities by providing:
  • Medical outreach like nursing clinics, one-day medical clinics, home health visits and education programs.
  • Ministry outreach like children’s ministries and worship.
  • Community outreach like building latrines, gardens, houses and playgrounds, distributing food and clothing, and providing special assistance to individuals and families.

What does a mission trip cost?

The cost of the typical 10-day construction-focused trip varies by country:

  • Dominican Republic: $1,230 plus airfare
  • Haiti: $1,330 plus airfare
  • Kenya: $1,950 plus airfare
What does a summer mission trip look like?

Summer mission trips typically last 10 days and consist of 15-25 people, ages 5 to 65+. Groups stay at accommodations near the community they’ll serve. Lodging, food, in-country transportation, security and construction supplies are provided by FFP, and included in the trip fee.

Trip agendas typically include construction at the work site with community members, worship at local churches, children’s ministry activities (like VBS), community outreach (like baseball or soccer games), medical outreach (like a medical clinic), group devotions and a day of recreation (like going to a local beach). Here’s a typical schedule for a 10-day trip.

For more information, go to our resources for trip participants.

What does a non-summer mission trip look like?

Trips taken in the winter, spring and fall look much like their summer counterparts, but there is more flexibility with trip length and activities. Non-summer groups, not affiliated with a church, can have their activities tailored to address their group’s goals, skills and desired length of stay.

For more information, go to our resources for trip participants.

How do I sign up for a trip?

Fees include project/construction materials, lodging, food, daily transportation and security. It does not include personal expenses, special excursions or other non-standard items.

Cancellation policy:  There is a non-refundable $250 per person deposit.  For up cancellations >90 days before trip FFP will refund 100% of the amount above $250.  Between 30 and 90 days a 50% refund for amount above $250.  No refund for cancellations within 30 days of trip.

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