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FFP Trip Leaders Are a Special Group

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Are you a leader with a passion to serve?
Do you want to gather a group to follow you?
Then consider becoming a leader of an FFP mission trip.


Foundation for Peace trip leaders are a varied group. They are men and women come from churches, hospitals, universities, community groups and social organizations. They’re pastors, teachers, medical professionals, parents, students, business people and trade workers…to name a few. The one thing they share is a heart to serve and a desire to lead.

FFP short-term trip leaders should:

  • Be responsible, flexible and team-oriented.
  • Hold a position of leadership in another organization.
  • Abide by the Trip Leader Contract.
  • Fill out a Trip Overview so we can include trip details on the website.
  • Communicate regularly with the US FFP staff during the planning phase of their trip.
  • Regularly attend scheduled leader conference calls. (Held between January and June.)
  • Set a good example while in-country by upholding FFP’s principles and values.
  • Attend a Leaders’ Trip prior to bringing their groups to the DR or Haiti. (If possible.)

Are you ready to take the next step in serving?

Contact us if you’re interested in leading a group to the DR or Haiti, or would like more information.

Resources for Leaders

We have many important documents for trip leaders. Click to explore our library of Resources for Leaders. (password required)