When you give a gift in someone's name, you are giving hope, health, and a brighter future.

Where Needed Most

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Allow us to move quickly in times of crisis and say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs - from shelter and hunger to medical care and education.

Feed The Hungry

The daily search for food is real in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. At Foundation for Peace, we bridge the gap for those who need it most - children, the elderly, and those without mobility. No one should go hungry. You can help.

Medical Care

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Medicines, immunizations, and doctors are in short supply. Your gift allows us to go to rural areas where few others go. Give health and a future.


Shelter Catalog
Women, children, and the elderly are in dire need of shelter. From having nowhere to go to having a home with no roof, a dry, safe place to lay your head is a gift beyond measure.


Education is the key to leaving a life of poverty. Help us provide the tools children and adults need to succeed through tuition, school supplies, teacher salaries, and training.