How You Can Help

You can be a hero to those in need and in the story of FFP!

Becky_reading_to children
  • Help expand Men nan Men professional school in Ganthier, Haiti opening more job opportunities to our students
  • Sponsor students in Kenya, Haiti or the Dominican Republic to change their futures through education
  • Provide funds for library books, laptops, tablets and other educational materials
  • Help provide online educational seminars to students
  • Join a mission trip and provide educational seminars for the community hand in hand with local experts
  • Give funds for necessary basics at Casa de Luz orphanage for children with disabilities in the Dominican Republic
  • Provide funds to meet the many needs of the children at CAD in Haiti.
  • Join a mission trip to provide care and help to these special children
J Tiek Bienvendios albendazole
  • Provide funds for medicines and medical care including laboratory testing, X-rays, surgery, physical therapy and dental care
  • Financially support disease prevention programs
  • Join a trip to personally provide much needed medical care
  • Provide funds for sanitation, clean water and food distribution
  • Contribute to economic development programs in Kenya to enable small business success
  • Donate funds for musical instruments, bibles, pews and more.
  • Join a church-led mission trip to build a church, teach Sunday school and worship together
  • Join a social service trip to build schools, community centers and other needed infrastructure
home visits with patients and caregivers
kristin aimee stroke patient Algodon
  • Join a mission trip and experience serving with these wonderful people in person!
  • Come serve as a long-term volunteer or intern!

How can YOU be a hero in this story? There are many options to choose from.