Identification gives hope for the future. 

Tania and baby sq

We need proof that we exist.

People of Haitian origin living in the Dominican Republic without basic identification are trapped. They have very limited access to the necessities for life and very few opportunities to improve their situation. Without identification it is as if they do not exist.

With the proper identification* there is a pathway to dignity and self-sufficiency.
Individuals can:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Have opportunities for better jobs
  • Sign a legal document – needed for housing, phone, money transfers, driver’s license
  • Obtain a birth certificate for a baby born in the Dominican Republic

These people need a path forward and you can help. Donate today.

Identification Costs:
$45 – Birth Certificate or Haitian ID
$100 – Birth Certificate with Spanish Translation (needed to obtain higher education) 
$260 – Complete documentation for an adult (higher education, better jobs, housing, and more) 

In partnership with Haitian Consulate in Barahona, Foundation for Peace is providing a Pathway to Dignity.

*There are different identification documents required for various opportunities. Foundation for Peace works with individuals assessing their needs and helping them get the documentation they need.