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Student Sponsorship FAQs

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How are schools selected?

All of the schools in our sponsorship program were built by Foundation for Peace mission teams, hand in hand with our partner communities.

How are children selected?

Children for the student sponsorship program are identified by the director and teachers at FFP-sponsored schools. These children want to attend school, but can’t afford it.

What does student sponsorship cover?

Sponsorship includes most of the monthly costs for the sponsored child—we ask parents to pay a portion of the cost in each case. Sponsorships also help teachers earn enough money to feed their own families.

How long does sponsorship last?

Typically students are sponsored until they graduate from eighth grade. Because there is a lot of mobility in our partner communities, a student may move before graduating. When this happens we will transfer your sponsorship to another child at the same school.

Can I write to my student or visit them?

Yes! In addition to providing monthly financial support, you can encourage and build a relationship with your student by praying for them, sharing photos and writing letters. Sponsors may develop a meaningful connection with the children they sponsor. Go to Write to My Sponsored Student. You can visit your student in conjunction with FFP staff if you make arrangements ahead of time.

What type of communication will I receive about my sponsored child?

We send an update in the fall, and at the end of the school year we’ll send a video update from the classroom.

What types of sponsorship programs are available?

Most children needing sponsors are elementary students (K-8th grade), but we also have college (aka high school) students who need sponsors.

What does sponsorship cost?

Elementary student sponsorships are $175 annually—that’s less than $15 a month! High school and college sponsorships are $375 a year—that’s only less than $32 a month.

How do I sponsor a child in the Bygrace Home Academy in Kenya or at the school in Fond Parisien, Haiti?

If you want to sponsor an elementary student at the ByGrace Academy in Ngong, Kenya, contact our partner ByGrace Trust.

If you want to sponsor a student in the Fond Parisien school, contact our partner Konekte.