About Foundation For Peace

Foundation for Peace provides healthcare, supports education and partners with communities in need by working hand in hand with those that struggle to thrive in an inherently unfair world.

We believe the greatest transformations happen when we do God’s work together—hand in hand. Most of our outreach is done by in-country staff supported by short-term mission teams. We focus on three main areas: health and wellness, education and community initiatives. As a result, we’ve brought health, hope and a better future to countless men, women and children in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Kenya.

“We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything!” Whether it’s addressing health issues, clean water, sanitation, construction needs, food insecurity, care for disabled children or orphans, teacher training, or more—our flexible approach lets us say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs and has led to some of our most impactful outreach.

Five Principles that Make FFP Unique

We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything!

This philosophy has led to some of our most creative solutions, and has allowed us to say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs

We partner with in-country churches, community organizations and governments.

Local leaders identify their community’s greatest needs. We then work together on projects that can endure for years to come and that they can maintain on their own.

We focus on building relationships that endure and grow.

Relationships are at the heart of all we do! Our in-country staff and mission teams work hand in hand with local communities—fostering mutual respect, ongoing commitment and deep friendships.

We have the experience needed to achieve results that make a difference.

After over two decades working with community leaders and mission teams, we know what we’re doing! We use our expertise to serve responsively, efficiently, safely and respectfully.

About 98% of the money we raise goes directly to our programs and projects.

Our donors can be confident that their financial support makes an immediate and lasting impact.