Join us for a mission trip that can change lives (including your own.)

Working together, we can make a difference...and some new friends. 

Mission Trips That Make A Difference

We believe the greatest transformations happen when we work hand in hand with the communities we serve. Listening to their needs, we plan together and come alongside them to achieve their goals and improve their lives both now and in the future.

A mission trip allows you to give of yourself, serve others, and make a meaningful contribution to so many.  Our trips change lives… including your own. Join us!

A Trip For Everyone

Ages 5 to 70+, our trips are multigenerational and family-friendly. We believe all ages have something special to contribute and always match assignments to abilities!

A Trip for everyone SM
a trip youll never forget sm

A Trip You'll Never Forget

There is nothing like standing in a small village and seeing firsthand both the great needs and the joyful spirit of the people. While we go to give, what we get back is immeasurable.

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Nursing and Medical Mission Trips

Christian Mission Trips

Social Service Trips

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"It's impossible to come back the same after a mission trip. It's truly life-changing. You will be challenged to live differently, eat differently, serve differently and most importantly to think differently. There is no greater way to give and to grow than to serve others.”
Nicole Profetto

Working Together Hand in Hand