What We Do Changes Lives

We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything! Foundation for Peace works hand in hand on health, education and community initiatives in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Kenya. Our flexible partnership approach lets us say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs, leading to new opportunities and lasting relationships.

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Education can change the trajectory of people's lives. FFP meets people where their needs are and is involved in many facets of education including:

  • Teaching
  • Providing supplies
  • Paying teacher salaries
  • Sponsoring students
  • Providing teacher workshops
  • Building schools
  • Partnering with government education departments

And we don’t just focus on educating young people, we include adults too!

“You didn’t send us food that only lasts a day. You send us education and that lasts a lifetime!”

Ralph Lapointe, Mayor, Ganthier, Haiti.

Health and Wellness

Health is a cornerstone to overall well-being. In the communities where we work, most people do not have access to affordable, dependable care. Our nursing/medical mission teams and FFP staff provide critical health screenings, health education, acute care and access in marginalized areas.  Types of services include:

  • Direct patient care with medicine for common diseases
  • Health education and prevention activities
  • Vitamins and medical supplies
  • Health education workshops
  • Referrals to local medical system
  • Construction of medical clinic buildings
  • Partnership with government health departments
Two women and baby holding medicine boxes
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Community Partnerships

Focusing on the needs of the community is at the heart of what we do. After a community prioritizes their needs, we find ways to address them. This leads to long-term partnerships and sustainable projects. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach but rather try to live by the motto: “We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything!”

  • Construction of churches and community centers
  • Sanitation projects including latrines and clean water system installation
  • Care of orphans and people with disabilities
  • Food distributions
  • Community lighting projects to improve security
  • Support of agricultural projects
  • Community playgrounds