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What We Do

We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything! Foundation for Peace works hand in hand on health, education and community initiatives in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Kenya. Our flexible partnership approach lets us say “yes” to communities’ greatest needs, leading to new opportunities and lasting relationships.

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Education can change the trajectory of people's lives. FFP meets people where their needs are and is involved in many facets of education including:

  • Teaching
  • Providing supplies
  • Paying teacher salaries
  • Sponsoring students
  • Providing teacher workshops
  • Building schools
  • Partnering with government education departments

And we don’t just focus on educating young people, we include adults too!

“You didn’t send us food that only lasts a day. You send us education and that lasts a lifetime!”

Ralph Lapointe, Mayor, Ganthier, Haiti.
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At Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men in Ganthier, Haiti, students from middle school to senior citizen can choose to learn from an ever growing offering of programs that include English, Spanish, computers, business, entrepreneurship, cooking, sewing, electricity and tiling.

Schools in the Dominican Republic. For years there were not enough schools in the DR and tuition for the schools that did exist were often out of reach of the families in need. The FFP built 9 elementary schools to meet these needs and supported them through student sponsorship, teacher training, supplies and more. The Dominican government started achieving its commitment to spend 4% of the GNP on education several years ago and the public education system has expanded dramatically. FFP still supports the schools for the underserved population. Those that are no longer needed are being helped by the FFP to become vocational schools or school for children who fall outside of the public system due to age or special needs.

Schools in Kenya. The ByGrace Academy in Ngong on the outskirts of Nairobi was founded by Rosemary and Stephen Mbogo. Together we built a building that lodges orphans and has class rooms, a library and offices, helped dig a well and installed a basketball court. The student body has grown from 23 students in 2007 to over 200 in 2019. The Tumaini School, in Mathare North, Nairobi, Kenya is an outreach of the Living Word Church, a partner of the FFP. Children from very impoverished circumstances receive an excellent education (based on national exams) at an affordable cost. FFP offers medical care and sponsorships for these children.

Health and Wellness

Health is a cornerstone to overall well-being. In the communities where we work, most people do not have access to affordable, dependable care. Our nursing/medical mission teams and FFP staff provide critical health screenings, health education, acute care and access in marginalized areas.  Types of services include:

  • Direct patient care with medicine for common diseases
  • COVID-19 health education and prevention activities
  • Vitamins and medical supplies
  • Health education workshops
  • Referrals to local medical system
  • Construction of medical clinic buildings
  • Partnership with government health departments
Two women and baby holding medicine boxes
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CAD in Ganthier, Haiti. At the Center for Action and Development (CAD) orphanage, there are 32 children age 8 - 15 years old who were referred by the Haitian government office for abandoned children. The FFP and its donors are honored to provide food, clothing, healthcare, education, teacher salaries, birthday parties and more as we see new found hope in their lives.

Center for Health and Wellness in Ensanche Quisqueya, DR: We are opening a health facility to fill gaps that exist in the surrounding community e.g. government-sponsored vaccination program, health education programs and more. Visiting medical professionals will also offer services to specific populations.

House of Light in Las Americas, Dominican Republic: House of Light or Casa de Luz is an orphanage for children with multiple-handicaps, many abandoned by families who could not care for them. The FFP staff help to improve the children’s care, as do our mission teams, including construction projects and donations of medicines, supplies and funds.

Mathare North slum, Nairobi, Kenya. Life is tough in the slum, especially for those with HIV/AIDS. On our trip, we work hand in hand with volunteer care givers from the Living Word church, joining with them to help care for families by providing medical care, food and caring to bring encouragement, hope and healing for the patients and the caregivers.

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Community Partnerships

Focusing on the needs of the community is at the heart of what we do. After a community prioritizes their needs, we find ways to address them. This leads to long-term partnerships and sustainable projects. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach but rather try to live by the motto: “We can’t do everything, but we’ll do anything!”

  • Construction of churches and community centers
  • Sanitation projects including latrines and clean water system installation
  • Care of orphans and people with disabilities
  • Food distributions
  • Community lighting projects to improve security
  • Support of agricultural projects
  • Community playgrounds
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Pantoja, National District, Dominican Republic. In 2002 we were invited to work in the community by Pastor Mesa. Once the church was built, the community told us they needed a new public school. By working together hand in hand we replaced the 2 room wood structure that packed in 200 children and replaced it with a 2 story concrete building with 10 classrooms educating over 400 students. Then the community showed us their lack of a clean water supply. Again, working together, we installed a clean water system that dramatically decreased the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. Over time, the partnership yielded significant benefits for the community.

City of Ganthier, Haiti. This small town is west of Port-au-Prince, about half-way to the Dominican Republic. Like many remote towns in Haiti, they grapple with security, education and healthcare needs. Through our work at Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men a few miles away, we have been able to provide regular medical care, face masks, education about COVID-19, street lights to provide increased security and more. Our partnership with the local government and community leaders has enabled an ongoing collaboration that improves the lives of the community.

Mathare North, Nairobi, Kenya. The Living Word church is addressing the education, health and economic needs of their community. We have had the privilege to partner with them to construct a community center that will provide meeting rooms, a library, medical clinic and space for business start-ups. In addition, we partner to offer medical care and educational seminars for the community at large and funds for business start-ups.