The Foundation for Peace is governed by a six-member Executive Board of Directors. In addition, our nine member Board of Missions provides guidance to mission programs.

The Foundation for Peace is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of integrity and accountability. We have established written procedures that are followed for budgeting, distribution of funds, and documentation of expenditures. A formal external audit is performed every year.

As an organization primarily staffed by volunteers, we are able to keep our administrative and fundraising expenses low so that we send as much money as possible to the communities we serve.

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Foundation for Peace. In the United States, the Foundation for Peace is a section 501(c)(3) public charity with tax ID number 55-0810709. In the Dominican Republic, we officially operate as a public charity: Fundación Para La Paz, La Educación y La Salud (Fundación Para La Paz) ; RNC number, 430048747.