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Lives Are Forever Changed.

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Medical Care That Saves Lives.

Since its inception 20 years ago, FFP has been providing medical care in impoverished areas. 
Multiple medical teams a year provide:
   • General medical care
   • Referral and follow-ups
   • Health Education
Innumerable lives have been saved through the dedication and perseverance of FFP staff and volunteers.
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Education That Changes LIves.

For 20 years, the support of FFP has helped put thousands on the road to self-sufficiency. From children to adults, the obstacles are great in the materially impoverished world:  
   • Children leave school to help support their families
    Young mothers have no daycare or support       
   • Adults are trying to support families - leaving little time for attaining new skills
Through FFP’s commitment to education, we have seen how education changes a person’s life and the trajectory of the lives around them.
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Shelter That Gives Hope.

For 20 years, FFP has provided help and shelter for those who need it most. Especially vulnerable are: 
• Women and children with no place to go
• People with disabilities and no resources
• The elderly with no support
From working in a village for the disabled to rebuilding homes after earthquakes and hurricanes, FFP goes into remote areas where many do not work to give people security and a roof over their heads.
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