How the Gift of An Education Changed My Life.

Foundation for Peace supports the Men Nan Men (translated Hand in Hand) professional school located in Ganthier, Haiti. It is our passionate belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Men Nan Men provides a number of educational programs – from languages to culinary school, tiling to computers. Graduates are equipped with the skills they need to find jobs, gain self-sufficiency and live lives beyond their wildest dreams.

But don’t take our word for it. Below is the story of Wood-Jerry – and how Men Nan Men changed his life.

“I remember, I had just finished high school. Going to university was not even a consideration as my parents did not have the financial means to send me. I tried many avenues to attend public universities, but none of them worked out. The bottom line was that I wanted to learn – even if it wasn’t through a university program. A friend referred me to Men Nan Men and I went there in October of 2016. I chose to study English. Understand that I did not speak English nor could I use a computer. The teachers there were so helpful and patient. I studied hard and made progress. (In fact, I am regularly asked where I learned to speak English so well. Men Nan Men, I tell them!)

After attending the advanced class, I started working at Men Nan Men as an assistant teacher. The job allowed me to begin to make money and support myself. Speaking English opened doors that I never would have imagined. I never thought I would have the skills to work as a translator. And yet, I had many opportunities to work for Foundation for Peace as a medical translator alongside American doctors and nurses.

I am so grateful to Men Nan Men. The education has allowed me to find meaningful work as a teacher and translator. I am self-sufficient – supporting myself and giving back to my community. I will never forget my time at Men Nan Men. I am proud of every single person there who are working to better their lives.

The decision to attend Men Nan Men was the best choice I’ve made ever made. The education I received has changed my life, my prospects, and my ability to live the life I dreamed of. Thank you Men Nan Men and Foundation for Peace.”

  • Wood-Jerry (Paraphrased)

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