One Woman’s Journey: A Birth Certificate Changed Her Life.

Tania grew up in an orphanage and she came without proper identification. Without it, she
could not:

  • graduate high school or go beyond
  • get a steady job
  • open a bank account
  • have a cell phone plan
  • get legally married

There was little hope, help or a future.

Worse yet, because she did not have her birth certificate, her son was denied one as well. The cycle was continuing. 

Foundation for Peace (FFP) was able to get Tania get her Haitian birth certificate. When Tania got her birth certificate, she exclaimed, “I am finally a real person.” 

And she was able to get her son a birth certificate and he will not have to face what she has! 

Pathway to Dignity
All Tania needed to change the course of her life and the life of her child was a small intervention and a little financial support. FFP has established Pathway to Dignity helping people get the paperwork they need to become self-sufficient and thrive. Thousands of people are waiting. 

Will you help those who want to make a life, but lack a simple document? Help others go from
hopeless to hope-filled today!
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