Support Giving Tuesday 2023: Help Fight Child Malnutrition in the Dominican Republic

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to join us in a heartwarming journey of transformation. The Foundation for Peace is committed to making a difference in the lives of malnourished children in the Dominican Republic, just like Nayeli. Her story is a testament to the incredible impact your support can have on those in need.

Nayeli's Story: Years ago, Nayeli was a little girl living in San Joaquin, Dominican Republic. She was suffering from severe dermatitis, a painful condition that not only affected her physically but also made others fear her. Malnutrition had weakened her immune system, leaving her vulnerable to various health issues.

However, Nayeli's life took a remarkable turn when the Foundation for Peace's medical team arrived in her community. Our dedicated healthcare professionals provided her with the medical care she desperately needed, including essential vitamins to boost her fragile immune system. But it wasn't just medical assistance that transformed Nayeli's life; it was the love and compassion our teams and staff showed her.

Our volunteers and staff worked tirelessly to educate the community about Nayeli's condition, dispelling misconceptions and assuring them that her dermatitis was not contagious. This act of kindness and understanding was a turning point in Nayeli's life.

A Heartwarming Update: Today, Nayeli is not the sick and malnourished little girl she once was. She has grown into a strong, confident woman, and her journey of transformation continues. Nayeli is now married and has a beautiful baby of her own, whom she brought to our last round of clinics in San Joaquin.

Nayeli's son, like many other children in the region, is in need of vitamins to support his growth and development. Nayeli and her husband face economic challenges that make it difficult for them to provide their child with the nutritional food he needs. However, with your help, we can ensure that children like Nayeli's son receive the essential vitamins that will help them thrive.

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